Our company offers many services that benefit a wide array of clients. If you are looking to save money and increase revenue by going green or you just want to reduce your impact on the world around you and give back, we can help you find the best pathway.

Our primary area of expertise is in the Green Building Industry. Our goal is design buildings that save money, water, energy and are safer more healthy places to live. You can look to us for high quality design where true art forms and building science are melded together making masterful pieces of the built environment. Very few people know that buildings consume about 39% of our Nation's energy. On the contrary, our help can make designs that create more energy than they consume.

Sustainable Architecture & Interior Design

New Construction, Existing Building Renovations

FGBC - Florida Green Building Coalition Certification Consultation

Sustainable Communities and Master Planning

LEED Project Management and Consulting

Energy Conservation Upgrades

Green High-Rise Residential

Green Education Programs

Green Custom Homes